Shopping for Insurance on Multiple Levels

Whether you are a consumer shopping for an insurance agent, broker of company you have come to the right place. You do not have to register to search the directory of Retail Agents, Retail Brokers or Retail Insurance Carriers. By the way we do ask that you share you experience with friends, family and loved ones. 

If you are an Agent, Broker, Managing General Agency or Wholesaler and want to utilize the Professional Viewing Access features of this site, you must register as a professional and provide proof of license. You will have a Free 1 day trial period to use the “Professional Viewing Access” feature. (See options below) 

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together. is designed for both the Consumer & Professional Search experience in mind!

The necessity of such a site became apparent to a 29 year experienced multi-lines agent/broker who began his experience as a captive agent and eventually became an Independent Insurance Broker in 1996. Here is more of his story and the reason behind this site!


From the Consumers “Perspective” – Have you ever searched for something and ended up on an adventure in pages and websites that did not provide the service of product you were searching for just to discover the Agent or Company did not offer it?

I have… It’s a waste of time! This happens when the Search Engine sells advertising associated with “keywords.” Some businesses buy keyword just because of the high use in consumers searches. 

Dear Consumer, you have the power now. If in your search for a category of insurance, the agent or company does that on this site. Let us know. We will suspend their account for multiple violations or ban them all together. That’s right. Your time is valuable. 

From the Professional Search Perspective

Your time is of value also. Searching for insurance products to meet your existing clients needs change or the market place changes and their existing carrier leave the market. you are in a pressure situation to remarket and conserve the client. 

For Prospects that want you to provide them with a quote for their personal lines, commercial lines or specialty insurance needs, keeping up on the various markets with Managing General Agents, Program Administrators and others can be a gut wrenching task. Did you ever have the fear of loosing an account because you just did not have the time to search? 

I get calls every week asking if I can help with a particular line of business. In the early development of this site I shared the efficiency of this site by taking them to the Professional Viewing Access. And, within less than 3 minutes (not including logging in) they found the insurance product they needed, the MGA and the Staff Underwriter. (supplemental applications too)